Santorini Fava with Shrimps – A Guest Post

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Uru is a lovely girl who lives in Australia. I have been following her blog –Go Bake Yourself– for quite sometime now. Currently she is having her exams and she has asked for volunteers to guest post for her. I immediately jumped into this, as I remember quite well how difficult such periods are.
Santorini is a very famous Greek island for its black-sand beaches, its sunset, which is one of the most beautiful and romantic in the world and its picturesque scenery. Another two things that Santorini makes and they are unique are its fava and its wines.

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Fava Santorinis should not be confused with fava beans. This one is dried, husked and crushed cotyledons of a pea, yellowish in color, shaped like flattened disks, approximately 2 mm in diameter. They have unique high protein and significant carbohydrate content.
Fava Santorinis here in Greece is eaten either alone or with chopped onion and olive oil. I thought of marrying the somewhat plain fava puree with the bursting flavors of shrimps, cooked with onions peppers and sweet wine and let me tell you it was a big hit among my family. So, if you think you will like this, go to Uru’s blog and check it out.
Note: My scheduled post for today will be up and live on Wednesday 7th of August.

Fava with Shrimps.JPG

11 Responses to Santorini Fava with Shrimps – A Guest Post

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh wow does this look heavenly…I so love shrimp! Wonderful post!

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  3. Sissi says:

    It sounds so unusual and delicious, Katerina. Another regional recipe! You make me want to travel throughout Greece… I’m running to see the recipe.

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  5. Juliana says:

    Just came from Uru’s blog…nice guest post Katerina 😀

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  7. Uru is a sweet girl, and I love your shrimp dish! Going to check your guest post over at Uru’s site. :)

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  9. 6
  10. Pam says:

    It looks delicious and would be a hit here! Off to Uru’s!

  11. 7
  12. this looks like a delicious combo…love shrimps…going to get this recipe…HAVE A GREAT DAY :-)

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  14. Beth says:

    This sounds lovely! I’ll be sure to check out your guest blog.

  15. 9
  16. Kate says:

    You’re so sweet to step in and lend a hand.

  17. 10
  18. I am following her blog as well :) Great you were guest posting there :)

  19. 11
  20. Love Uru’s blog! Heading over to her blog to grab the recipe. It looks lovely and I am drooling coz shrimps are my favorite!

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