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I am thinking of writing a book. And since this is a food blog, I am sure your first thought is that it is going to be a cook book, right?

Well, actually no. I am thinking of writing a book about the hardships of growing children. Now, I believe your next question will be, why now and why this particular subject.

You are all familiar with my son’s bullying situation and how I changed him schools in the middle of the school year. Well, guess what, he went to this new school for two weeks and he got the B type flu. Because of the flu, he showed a complication called infectious myositis. Apparently, the flu destroyed the cells of the muscle tissues. He woke up one morning with a lot of pain in his legs at the point where he could not walk. We took him immediately to the hospital and they put him serum and hospitalized him. We stayed at the hospital for 5 days waiting for his examinations to be normal again. Thank God this is something reversible and recoverable.

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After leaving hospital doctors advised us to keep him for a few more days at home, so as for his body to fully recover and restore the damaged muscle tissues. So, today was his first day at school after almost two weeks.

That is the reason why I think I am going to write the book. I have just one child and I feel I am raising three. And I have no idea what more lies ahead. Any ideas?

But let’s focus on the food right? I made this while my son was sick and he wanted something warm, nutritious and super delicious, to help him improve his appetite, which was badly damaged because of the flu. Basically, this is a combination of two French dishes the Braised Veal and the Veal Bourguignon plus some additions of mine.

That was such a delicious juicy dish with its very rich sauce, that I and my husband broke our diet and ate two medium sized portions instead of one! Definitely I am going to make this again! It is the perfect meal for cold winter days to make you feel warm and happy!

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Veal a la Francaise


1 kilo veal (you can use beef instead, only you will have to decrease the amount of time cooked)

1 big onion, cut in thick slices

4 small carrots, cut in big slices

A bunch of celery

A bunch of parsley

5 tbsp olive oil

½ cup cognac or brandy

1 cup Marsala wine (you can use any red wine you want, I didn’t have any other open)

2 cups veal stock

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

½ tsp Herbs de Provence

1 tsp thyme

1 garlic clove

400 gr. Mushrooms

2 tbsp double concentrated tomato paste

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1/ 2 cup dried apricots

  Veal a la Francaise.jpg


In a deep pot pour the olive oil and in medium to high heat sauté the veal pieces until they change their exterior color from red to grey. Remove from fire.

Add the onion, the garlic and the carrots.

Sauté for couple of minutes.

Add the veal pieces and pour the cognac and the Marsala wine.

Let boil for couple of minutes and then add the stock.

Throw the celery, the parsley, salt and pepper, Herbs de Provence and thyme.

Lower heat and let it cook slowly. Now the veal needs at least three hours in low fire. For the beef, it will take less time to cook, perhaps half the time of veal.

Veal a la Francaise.jpg

When the veal is soft enough for your taste remove from fire.

Put the dried apricots in a bowl with hot water to make them soft.

Preheat oven to 200° C.

In a blender pour the sauce of the veal along with the cooked vegetables and herbs. Very carefully start the blender and mash everything.

Take a deep Pyrex and place the veal pieces.

In the blender bowl add to the sauce the tomato paste, the sugar, the Worcestershire sauce, the apricots and the mushrooms. Mix with a spoon and then pour this over the veal.

Put in the oven and gratinize it for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I served it over mashed potatoes and it was so delicious!

Pictures really don’t show even half of how good this was! Veal a la Francaise.jpg

I am sending this to Full Plate Thursday hosted by Miz Helen!

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  1. sally says:

    So sorry to hear about your son! I hope he is doing okay now.

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  3. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh, your poor son! With delicious meals like this, he’ll big strong and healthy again in no time :)

  4. 3
  5. Miz Helen says:

    Oh my Katrina,
    I am so sorry that your son has been so ill, but I am very happy that he is recovering. I can imagine that you are wanting to write a book by now. I will continue to have you and your family in my prayers. Your Veal a la Francaise should make anyone feel better, it is a beautiful dish and looks delicious! Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Miz Helen

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  7. Reeni says:

    I’m so sorry about your son Katerina! He has been through so much. Hope he is well now and enjoying his new school! Your veal is utterly delicious! I’d have seconds too.

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  9. oh my, hope your son is now okay. I know what you feel its really hard for you dear.
    this work is fantastic thanks for sharing dear.

  10. 6
  11. Faith says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your son has been sick, Katerina! I’m glad he’s feeling better now. I think writing a book on the hardships of raising children is a wonderful idea! I don’t have kids now, but I hope to someday…I would definitely buy your book!

  12. 7
  13. This recipe looks wonderful. Veal stew looks perfect with mashed potatoes!

  14. 8
  15. kelly says:

    Wow! its gettin me hungry. the recipe is good i think my wife can make this for me .

  16. 9
  17. May says:

    awesome, it looks delicious and classy.

  18. 10
  19. Marina says:

    Katerina, oh, dear! I can feel your pain… When kids get sick, the whole world is turned around and mother would give anything to fix it… I can only imagine how your heart was braking on pieces those two weeks. Sorry, dear, you had to go through it as well as your son and the whole family. I am glad that he is better now.

  20. 11
  21. una verdadera delicia un plato muy fino me encanta,abrazos y abrazos.

  22. 12
  23. Juliana says:

    Oh Katerina, I am so sorry about your son, but glad that he is back to school…I know how it is, and I myself raised one child…
    The veal looks really good…can you believe that I never had a chance to cook veal? Like the herbs and spices in it.
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

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  25. Kathy says:

    Katerina, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – It gives me the chance to meet you and enjoy your lovely blog!
    So sorry to hear of your sons illness…and I’m so glad to hear he is on the mend. I raised 3 children, who are now all grown, you never stop worrying!
    Your Veal a la Francaise looks and sounds so delicious…I agree with the reader that said you should call it
    Veal a la Katerina!
    I have put you into my google reader.

  26. 14
  27. Susan says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – and giving me hte chance to discover yours! This meal looks incredible – gourmet comfort food!

    I’m glad to hear your son is feeling better. And sorry to hear of his troubles. Our dad was in the Navy, so we moved often. By the time I graduated from HS, I had attended 8 schools – 3 of them were high schools. Kids can be so cruel when other kids don’t fit “the norm.” I think your book sounds like a good idea.

  28. 15
  29. Mary says:

    This looks delicious. The sauce over those potatoes sounds perfect.

  30. 16
  31. Katerina-with a hearty, and super comfort food as your veal dish, it sure is a recovery for your son, glad that he is better now!

    Had you not mentioned that you combined this beautiful veal stew dish from two different sources, and called it your own, I would have had to tell you that the “real” Veal Francese what is the Italian version…very popular from the seventies, is the thin scallops of veal dredged in flour and dipped into an egg batter, fried…and finished off in a lemon, and white wine sauce. Nowdays, they still serve it in “mom and pop” restaurants, I make the chicken cutlet version of the same sometimes.

    I love your beautiful and comforting stew, especially with the mashed potato…as far as for the name; I would call it Veal a la Katerina…after all, it’s your creation, and that’s how it should appear in your cookbook. (you may get some hot tempered Italians ticked off with the Francaise name…lol)

  32. 17
  33. Ranjani says:

    I don’t cook French food as often as I should! This looks like great comfort food for anybody, sick or well

  34. 18
  35. Marion says:

    Κατερίνα μου περαστικά στο μικρό σου.
    Ευτυχώς που όλα ήταν περαστικά.. ταλαιπωρήθηκε ο καημένος αρκετά..
    Να περάσουν αυτές οι ιώσεις και να μην ξανάρθουν.
    Ετσι είναι με το μεγάλωμα των παιδιών. Πρέπει να γράψεις ένα βιβλίο αλλά να το αφήνεις ανοικτό, γιατί πάντα θα υπάρχει κάτι να προσθέσεις.

    Το φαγητό σου εξαιρετικό. Πολύ μου αρέσει και όντως είναι πολύ δυναμωτικό και χορταστικό.

    Πολλά φιλιά :)

  36. 19
  37. you always amaze me with your work, very impressive and good recipe.
    good to hear the he is now alright. god bless

  38. 20
  39. 21
  40. Raina says:

    Oh my gosh Katerina! I am so glad to hear you son is okay. That must have an awful experience for you all. And your poor son to finally be settling in in his new school and then to have to be out for so long. I am really hoping that he settles right back in. I have no answers about parenting. It is the hardest job for sure. We love our children so much, and the thought of them hurting, kills us. But I do believe children are resilient and that your son will get through this, especially because he has such loving parents.

    Your pork dish looks wonderful! My family would love it.

  41. 22
  42. It is so frightening when something serious happens to our children. Happy to hear that he is so much better. Your veal dish must have be comforting to the whole family.

  43. 23
  44. Liz says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about your son’s illness…thank goodness he’ll be fine!

    Your entree looks amazing…my hubby would love this! I may have to treat him if I can find some nice veal:)

  45. 24
  46. muppy says:

    this looks incredibly delicious. gosh having kids is so overwhelming sometimes and mine are still really young.

  47. 25
  48. Candace says:

    What struggles your little man has been having! I’m so glad that he is feeling better! This dish looks amazing, Katerina.

  49. 26
  50. Swati Sapna says:

    Katerina…. thats terrible! you really have been thru a tough time. I hope ur son recovers real soon and enjoys his new school. Hang in there…
    The veal a la francaise looks smashing and im sure it lifted ur son’s spirits and improved his appetite too :)

  51. 27
  52. Claire says:

    I can only imagine what it’s like to watch your children struggle. Praying for a quick recovery.
    I have never cooked veal, can you believe it. This recipe looks perfect for me to try out.

  53. 28
  54. Joanne says:

    this is one of my favorite sauces!!

  55. 29
  56. Barbara says:

    Oh Katerina, I’m so sorry. You’ve just had one serious problem after another…I’m pleased he’s on the mend. What a fright that must have been for all of you.
    This is a lovely dish…with the Marsala and brandy AND apricots. Looks delicious and comforting.

  57. 30
  58. mia maria says:

    Κατερινάκι, όταν θα γράψεις το βιβλίο έλα να σου πω πολλά για το τι πέρασε και ο δικός μου γιος (που είναι και δυσλεξικός) στα σχολεία:)
    Υπομονή και επιμονή και όλα θα περάσουν! Το σίγουρο είναι ότι τα παιδιά μας γίνονται πιο δυνατά όταν μεγαλώνουν!
    Περαστικά του εύχομαι και όλα να γίνουν καλύτερα!
    Το φαγάκι καταπληκτικό!

  59. 31
  60. mari says:

    Κατερίνα μου εύχομαι περαστικά, να είναι γερός και δυνατός από δω και πέρα ο γιόκας σου. Το φαγάκι σου πολύ νόστιμο και υγιεινό, σίγουρα θα το φτιάξω και για τον δικό μου γιο.
    Φιλιά πολλά.

  61. 32
  62. Oh no not again a hardship for your son. Poor thing. But I am so happy all will be well. This dish definitely helped him come back to health, it looks awesome. A great combo of two french classics. Gone change your feed in my reader!

  63. 33
  64. Sorry that your son is now struggling with being sick. I sure hope he feels better soon. Nothing can be more stressful than having to deal with a suffering child, regardless if it emotional or physical, so I hope for a new turn for the better.
    Your veal dish here does look amazing. Interesting how you merged the two recipes to come up with this. Not surprising that it was a hit at your house. Delicious recipe!

  65. 34
  66. April says:

    I hope things get better for your son. This has been a rough series of events for him!

  67. 35
  68. Καλημέρα Κατερινάκι… από τη μια δυσκολία στην άλλη πηγαίνετε… πραγματικά όταν μεγαλώνεις ένα παιδί, τα απρόοπτα είναι τόσα μα τοσα πολλά. Χαίρομαι που ο μικρούλης είναι καλύτερα, αυτές οι ιώσεις φέτος μας έχουν ταλαιπωρήσει όλους.
    Το φαγάκι σου εξαιρετικό! Τι όμορφα αρώματα που έχει μέσα… ξαφνιάστηκα με τα βερίκοκα, αλλά πρέπει να ταίριαξαν πολύ! Πολύ κομψό πιάτο, μπράβο!

  69. 36
  70. Zambia says:

    Είμαι πολύ σκεπτική με το θέμα της συγκεκριμένης ίωσης φέτος. Το έχω ξανακούσει από συνάδελφο.
    Εύχομαι τώρα που όλα πήγαν καλά να επανέλθετε γρήγορα στους ρυθμούς σας.

    Το φαγητό σου όπως πάντα εξαιρετικό και ιδιαίτερα φροντισμένο!

    Καλημέρα Κατερίνα μου.

  71. 37
  72. Xara says:

    Hi Katerina,it’s such a relief for a parent to see their child back on their feet..I’m really glad your son is well :)As for the book,I’ve raised two boys (23 and 21) and there are days I feel like I could write an encyclopedia..haha..Your veal sounds wonderful and quite intoxicated!I love the apricot addition to all the tasty ingredients! XOXO

  73. 38
  74. Jeannie says:

    Hope everything would be fine from now, I have three boys but I am lucky they grew up to be fine and healthy. That braised veal definitely had me drooling, it did looks really good even from the screen:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  75. 39
  76. Glad to hear your son is recovering well, good luck to him at the new school. Your veal dish looks delicious, I can see why you have a big portion, I would too!

  77. 40
  78. Rita says:

    I am sending good healthy vibes your way; you guys are getting your share of hardships. The good news is that he is getting better. We raised 4 sons and the worrying never stops; they are in their 40s now and I still wonder what is going to happen next.
    I pinned that great recipe; we love veal and it is so nice that you shared this recipe. This is one I can make ahead and have it ready to serve; the apricots must add to the taste.

  79. 41
  80. 42
  81. ΕΛΕΝΗ says:

    Κατερίνα μου καλησπέρα!Χαίρομαι που τώρα είναι καλύτερα ο γιος σου!Το φαγητό εξαιρετικό, αρωματικό και με υπέροχη παρουσίαση!Φιλιά πολλά!!΄!

  82. 43
  83. Ξανθή says:

    Υπέροχο το φαγητό σου Κατερίνα!!

  84. 44
  85. Kiri W. says:

    Looks beautiful! I love how tender veal gets in this kind of preparation, and the aromatics sound fantastic. Well done! :) I’d love this for dinner.

  86. 45
  87. Beth says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the continuing problems your son is having. Thank goodness he’s on the mend, but what a scare that must have been. Take care, and I hope everything goes smoothly for a while.

  88. 46
  89. aarthi says:

    Awesome Recipe Dear..Bookmarking it to try soon..


  90. 47
  91. Ola says:

    good to hear that the story with your son ended up well!
    by the way it is belived here that veal is good for kids and generally for the ill people

    Life and travelling

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